2010 was an incredible, wonderful, joyful, sad, and humbling year.  First, let’s look at The Top 10 Life Moments of 2010 (in a vague order):

10) My song, “Salaam Achshav,” was selected for the Ruach 5771 album.  It drops in February at NFTY Convention/Youth Worker’s Conference.

9) I took four classes.  I got A’s in all four.

8) My new family had two babies!  None for us yet.  Sorry, everyone.

7) We had the biggest event in CBI Youth history.  260 people came out for the Dan Nichols concert in April.

6) I traveled to Israel staffing a Birthright trip.  And while I was there, I won a free trip on El Al through a Twitter contest.  Yeah.  It happened.

5) The Wife and I made our plans for Israel and booked the first outbound flight.  Sarah left at the end of November.  Whoever designed “Facetime” for the iPhone and iPod Touch is a genius.

4) For the first time since 2000, I lost a grandparent.  She was only officially my grandparent for a few months, but I will always carry her memory close to my heart.

3) The Wife and I started “Israbel Films.”  We have made over 30 films to date including weddings, b’nai mitzvah, corporate events, and youth group events.

2) In January, I received a “not at this time” response from HUC.  I’m reapplying.

1) In January, I got married!  I did it!


Last year, I made a “Top 10 Songs of 2009.”  I did it again.  Here’s the procedure: Go into iTunes. Create a new smart playlist. One rule: date added is in the last 12 months. Sort playlist by play count. Now, you will know your top songs of 2009!

And, here it is!

1) “We’re Here To Tell You” – Duncan Sheik – Whisper House – 24 plays

2) “It’s Better To Be Dead” – Duncan Sheik – Whisper House – 20 plays

3) “The Perpetual Self, or ‘What Would Saul Alinsky Do?'” – Sufjan Stevens – The Avalanche (and the movie “Babies”) – 19 plays

4) “The Tale Of Solomon Snell” – Duncan Sheik – Whisper House – 16 plays (are you noticing a pattern?  Trust me…it’s a great album, but a horrible show.)

5) “We Belong Together” – Randy Newman – Toy Story 3 – 16 plays

6) “Not While I’m Around” – Covered by Jamie Cullum – The Pursuit – 15 plays (one day, i’m going to sing this to my kids.  This version, though.  Not the original.  This one just sounds better.)

7) “Whatcha Say” – Jason Derulo – Whatcha Say Single – 15 plays

8) “King of Anything” – Sara Bareilles – Kaleidoscope Heart – 15 plays

9) “You Are My Everything (Sarah’s Song)” – Me 🙂 – Unreleased as of yet – 14 plays (but that number should be higher if you include the times I listened to it while recording it and putting the wedding video together with the song…)

10) “Dynamite” – Taio Cruz – 14 plays (i’m just as guilty as everyone else…)


And lastly, a reflection and comments about last year’s list:

10) “Let it Happen,” my second studio album of original Jewish music was released.  If you havn’t heard it yet, check it out on iTunes or at jeremygimbel.com. – If you don’t have it yet, and you’re reading this, please buy it.  It’s really good.  Promise.

9) In August, the Shul welcomed our new Asst. Rabbi.  That was big.  He has been a phenomenal mentor. – Still true.  Great guy, great boss, great mentor.

8) Saw DMB from the 6th row.  Also had epiphany moment during opening act. – Saw DMB at Hollywood bowl this year for my tenth show.  6th row was better.

7) Continued working with another exceptional group of youth leaders. – Still true!

6) Started “Suit Up Monday.”  Although I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who does this, Mondays have not been the same. – Yeah, haven’t kept that up.

5) My summer camp role changed from “Staff” to “faculty.”  A whole new perspective on Jewish summer camp, I think for the better. – I only went to Countdown this year.  My stress level appreciated that.

4) Submitted rabbinical school application.  Interview ahead. – Yeah…

3) Family is healthy and growing! – Still true!

2) In October, my sister got married! – Still married!

1) In February, I got engaged to my basheret! – Now married!