No, the Wife and I are not preggers.

Last night, the Outlaws invited the Wife and I to see a preview showing of Babies.

My thoughts:

It was an hour and a half overdose of cute.  My friend Rachel would have loved it.  When I told her I was going to propose, she punched me and shouted, “MAKE BABIES!”  She would have loved this movie.  The trailer gives you a great insight into the movie.  The only difference is that the film is about 80 minutes long.  The babies grow up, they do baby things, they’re cute.  Unfortunately, that’s the whole film.

The cinematography was unmatched. I would be surprised if this wasn’t up for an award of some kind.  There was little movement and the babies remained the focus.  But the images were astounding.  There were times when you would hear something else going on in the background, but you would only see the baby.  Really cool technique.  It’s also obvious that the cinematographers have spent enough time filming babies to know that the best way to get a great shot is to set it up and let it roll because you never know what you’ll get.


“Babies” is an incredibly well filmed, ridiculously cute 30 minute TV special.  Unfortunately, it was 80 minutes.  The babies are cute.  Of course they are!  They’re babies!  I could have done without the overdose of boobage, though.  I get it.  You’re French film makers.  I still don’t need to see that much boob on a big screen.

The one take away lesson from this film is simple: when you are video taping your kids, keep the camera rolling, and know how to edit.  Keep filming, because you never know when they’ll do something cute.  Also, remember to edit.  We want to see and remember when they’re doing something.  A baby waking up is cute, but not when it’s a baby taking ten minutes to wake up.

In eight words: Babies is ridiculously cute, but way too long.

Remember: It’s all about the little things.