It’s been a while (I just checked…Aug. 31, 2009…ouch…), but it’s back.  And as The Wife says, “it looks gooooooood.”

Suit –  The super soft 3-button black jacket.

Shirt – Express 1MX fitted, white.  The Wife introduced me to finding a shirt size that actually fits.  Boy, she is smart.  A shirt that fits well makes such a difference in how you feel in it.  I guess those crazy cats over at “What Not To Wear” (yes, sometimes I watch with The Wife) are right.  I got this shirt on sale for about $24.  Don’t get anything at Express that’s not on sale.  You’re just paying more for no reason.

Pants – Perry Ellis – Marshalls – $25

Tie – L’art D’espace – No clue.  Probably Marshalls – $10 or less, I’m sure.

Remember: It’s all about the little things.